Long Distance Moving

Relocating Doesn't Have to Be a Drag

Hire a team of interstate movers based in Moscow Mills, MO

Are you moving to a different town for a new job? Is your son or daughter going to school out of state? You need the help of a long distance moving company. Rehmann Moving & Storage can move you from Moscow Mills or Wentzville, MO to your new destination. Our trained interstate movers will make sure your move is a smooth one.

Get started by calling 636-356-4445 to schedule a consultation.

Count on us to go the distance

You don't want to get to your new home and find items missing or broken. That's why our interstate movers take measures to make sure everything is done correctly the first time. You can expect us to...

  • Perform regular item counts, to ensure that nothing is lost
  • Protect your property with moving blankets and straps
  • Assign only the most experienced drivers to your move


Hiring a long distance moving company lets you focus on the road ahead. Contact us today for details about our service area.



Our Moving Rates Monday-Friday


In St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren counties we admit a 2 HOUR MINIMUM

In St. Louis, and Jefferson Counties we require a 4 HOUR MINIMUM

20% is added for overtime pay Saturday and Sunday


2 Men | 1 Truck


3 Men | 1 Truck


4 Men | 1 Truck

4 Men | 2 Trucks

Special Occasion Pricing

Weekend Pricing May Vary
Our weekend prices vary due to paying our workers overtime.

Our Packing & Unpacking Rates

Two Packers

2 Packers
4 Hour Minimum
Designed for Local Moves

Three Packers

3 Packers
Most Popular *
4 Hour Minimum
Designed for Local Moves

Four Packers

4 Packers
4 Hour Minimum
Designed for Local Moves